Manufacturing activities play a key role in British Columbia’s economy, generating just over ten percent of the province’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and providing employment for one in every ten workers in the province. Furthermore, manufactured products dominate B.C.’s international commodity exports, representing nearly three-quarters of the total value of goods exported from the province to other countries. They comprise a similar share of B.C.’s inter-provincial trade in goods and services. One of the main manufacturing activities in the region is manufacturing directly related to the forestry industry; wood products and paper manufacturing account for a significant proportion of employment and overall companies in the manufacturing sector. Another large piece of the manufacturing sector in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) is comprised of manufacturing businesses that are employed primarily by supporting the mines in the region. There are several Provincial Ministries that are responsible for the management, regulation and/or monitoring of the manufacturing sector in B.C. The responsible ministry is determined by the nature of manufacturing operations. Forestry related manufacturing activities are regulated by the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development.

Mining and other construction-related manufacturing activities are regulated by a variety of Ministries, primarily the B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources. For more information on this Ministry, please view the Mining Sector Profile or visit their website directly.

The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Trade is also an important Ministry in this sector, for more information on this Ministry please visit their website.

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, an established, supporting organization to the growing manufacturing sector in B.C. and Canada as a whole, is Canada’s largest industry and trade association. The organization represents businesses in all sectors of manufacturing and exporting activity across the country. Its mandate is to promote the competitiveness of Canadian manufacturers and the success of Canada’s goods and services exporters in markets around the globe. The association focuses on the issues that are most critical to its members – manufacturing competitiveness, U.S. business opportunities, international markets, people and skills, energy and the environment.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters has a comprehensive list of support businesses and is an excellent resource. Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters is also a key partner in presenting the B.C. Export Awards, which annually seeks out B.C.’s top 25 exporters and honours them for their excellence and achievements in 12 categories, including ten directed at firms and two at individuals. The awards are presented by the Provincial Government and the B.C. division of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters with support from annual sponsors it is the oldest awards ceremony of its kind in Canada.

Fabricating and Machining

Fabrication and machining involve the cutting, bending, shaping and assembling of materials utilizing power-driven machine tools, such as saws, lathes, milling machines, and drill presses that are used with a sharp cutting tool to physically remove material to achieve a desired geometry. This includes many different operations and processes that produce a wide variety of products and act as a crucial support system to many other industries throughout the region. The TNRD has a large number of fabricating and machining shops. They are focused largely in Kamloops with at least 18 welding and 8 machine shops in the city alone. Merritt is another centre for fabrication and machining with at least 5 welding and 1 machine shop. Although these services are focused in the larger regional centers, they are also often available in many of the smaller communities throughout the TNRD.

M3 Steel Structures Ltd.

M3 Steel Structures Ltd. provides customers in western Canada with quality steel & modular fabrication services. M3 is a privately-owned company operating in central British Columbia.  The company is built upon a solid ownership foundation with facilities and experienced employees to provide superior service, fabrication, product and delivery to its customers. The fabrication facility is located in Kamloops, British Columbia encompassing approximately 6 acres.

  • Services
  • Structural Steel
  • Platework
  • Miscellaneous Metal
    • Hoppers
    • Conveyors
    • Bins
    • Pipe hangers
    • Railings
    • Stairs
    • Frames
  • Metal Preparation & painting
  • Modular Fabrication
  • Budgeting
  • Constructability reviews

For more information on services M3 Steel Structures Ltd. offers, or to contact them directly, visit their website:

NxStar Systems

Nxstar Systems provides a variety of commercial, industrial and residential services. The company provides services for mines, including electrical control buildings, platforms, railing and stairs. NxStar’s commercial work consists of custom cabinets, venting systems, and battery racks/cabinets. They are able to provide custom trailers and fleet repairs, while their residential services may include decorative iron and indoor and outdoor railings.

For more information on services Nxstar Systems offers, or to contact them, visit their website:

Horst Precision Machine Ltd.

Horst Precision Machine Ltd. offers a variety of services, ranging from production manufacturing to prompt break down repair. The machine shop is fully equipped with manual lathes, drill presses and milling machines, operated by highly skilled personnel. In addition, Horst Precision Machine Ltd. is pleased to offer both a CNC lathe and CNC milling machine. These machines provide the customer very accurate and precise products at a competitive price. The machine shop is serviced by a 5 ton crane to ensure efficient and safe handling of jobs and materials. The welding and metal fabrication shop was expanded in 2006, offering better capacity to our customers. Horst Precision Machine Ltd. has manufactured a variety of items, from screw conveyor systems to specialty application rail cars. Horst Precision Machine Ltd. is certified to CSA Standard w47.1, with the Canadian Welding Bureau. This ensures all of its welders and fabricators are trained and certified to work to these standards.

For more information on services Horst Precision Machine Ltd offers, or to contact them, visit their website:

Acumen Machine

Acumen Machine is a 10,000 sq. ft Canadian Welding Bureau certified, highly skilled, diversified and proficient machine shop located in Kamloops, B.C. Its staff is knowledgeable in all segments of machining and fabrication, and specialize in tool and die design, and focus on large and small jobs. Acumen Machine Ltd. works in a wide variety of sectors including mining, forestry, transportation and agriculture. Acumen also does work for a number of pulp mills throughout the region. Its newly renovated facility allows Acumen to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

For more information on services Acumen Machine offers, or to contact them, visit their website:

Mike’s Welding

Mike’s Welding has been in business for over 18 years. It takes pride in its craftsmanship and ensure quality and competitive pricing. Mike's Welding provides various products and services to meet the demands of industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Mike’s Welding specializes in custom fabrication or high output manufacturing in steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Mike’s Welding offers general repairing, punching shearing forming, aluminum welding, custom fabricating, heavy equipment, trailer hitches, truck/trailer/rv parts, etal sales and is Explosives Regulatory Division certified.

The majority of its products serve the explosives industry. It provides various forms of storage units, and upgrades to help meet current and changing government regulations. Mike’s Welding is certified to manufacture and install type 4 explosive magazine doors. Mike’s Welding’s facility is a full fabrication shop including HD forklifts, cranes, punch presses, shears, brake press, drilling, machining saws and plasma cutting.

For more information on services Mike’s Welding offers, or to contact them, visit their website:

FastCut CNC Inc.

FastCut CNC is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of plasma cutting computer numerical control (CNC) tables. Founded in 1999, FastCut CNC manufactures CNC tables and plasma cutters. It regularly reviews and tests its new linear drive systems, nesting software packages, plasma cutters and more to determine whether it can improve its products to bring better value to its customers. The company started with a stepper-based machine, equipped with a manual height control. Today its new G7 Fabricator is a fine example of Fast Cuts ability to produce the best possible machine for the industrial market. Servo motors, automatic torch height control and an industrial grade flat screen monitor are just a few of the features users will find on the G7 Fabricator.

For more information on services FastCut CNC offers, or to contact them, visit their website:

Concrete and Cement Manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in mixing together water, cement, sand, gravel or crushed stone to make concrete, and delivering it to a purchaser in a plastic or unhardened state. There are many companies within the TNRD that provide this service. There are almost two dozen sand and gravel pits dispersed throughout the Regional District providing materials for these companies, ensuring that no matter where construction is being undertaken, this essential service is readily available.

Value-Added Wood Products

The value‐added wood products industry is a major contributor to the B.C. economy and plays an important role in forest sector diversification. Over 900 businesses that manufacture products such as treated lumber, engineered wood products, shakes and shingles, poles, log and timber-frame homes, mouldings and other finished or semi-finished goods make up the value added sector.

For more information on the wood products manufacturing sector please view the forestry sector which provides information on mills in the TNRD. A number of people, including those in conservation, labour, and community economic development networks have pushed for increases in value-added wood manufacturing as a way to bring greater stability and prosperity to B.C.’s local communities.

Council of Forest Industries

The Council of Forest Industries (COFI) is the voice of British Columbia’s interior forest industry.

COFI works with governments, communities, organizations and individuals to ensure that forest policies in B.C. support the forest sector and, as a result, those who are dependent on the sector for business income or family supporting jobs. They work within the national and international (Japan, China, Korea) Canada Wood partnership to improve market access at home and overseas, and to increase demand for members’ products.

The forestry industry is an industry in transition making the move to increasing use of technology, new systems such as six story wood buildings and more biomass-based products such as bioenergy.

COFI members range from large integrated global scale public companies to medium-sized family-owned operations to smaller independent niche players. These members produce a wide range of products including lumber, pulp and paper, panels and engineered wood in over 60 facilities located throughout the interior. All aspects of COFI’s members’ operations, from forestry to production to sales, are recognized as world class.

Ensuring that national, provincial and local government policy makers are well-informed about the value of B.C.’s forest resources and B.C.’s forest industry and its contribution to government revenue, provincial GDP and family incomes is a key component of sustainability for the industry and for communities throughout B.C. Through COFI’s forest education program, annual convention and community relations strive to keep stakeholders informed about B.C.’s forest resources and forestry issues.

BC Wood

BC Wood is a not-for-profit trade association that has represented British Columbia’s value-added wood products industry for over 20 years. It is an industry-led association with a membership base of 120 specialty wood manufacturers and a board of directors that represent every value-added sector in every region of the province.

BC Wood was established in 1989 as a partnership between industry and government. BC Wood provides marketing programs to registered value-added manufacturers, which includes cost-shared participation in international tradeshows and events, out-going and incoming trade missions, lead generation through the Western Wood Supply Network (WSN), and networking opportunities. In addition, BC Wood members have access to an extensive resource library. BC Wood’s mandate is to assist B.C.’s secondary wood product manufacturers to grow faster by helping them access and exploit markets they would not otherwise enter. By diversifying the members’ market activities, the dollar value of B.C. fibre is maximized, whereas the business risk in minimized.

For more information on BC Wood’s activities and access to all the resources they have available, please visit their website:

Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association

The Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association (ILMA) represents 14 forest companies based in 13 small communities in the southern interior of B.C. Most of these companies are small, and many are family-owned. All are the cornerstones of their communities.

ILMA’s role is to be the voice of local forestry companies working in the southern interior. ILMA works with people who live in member communities, local politicians, First Nations, environmental organizations, and provincial MLAs. Its job is to listen and understand the issues that matter to these groups, as well as share its own perspectives on forestry in the southern interior of British Columbia.

For more information on the Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association activities, please visit their website:

Wood Pellet Association of Canada

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) is a member-driven organization advancing the interests of Canadian wood pellet producers. WPAC’s goal is to help members grow through promoting the role of wood pellets in the Canadian and global markets, supporting market and technical research, and encouraging fair and open energy trade. Membership is open to Canadian pellet producers, as well as suppliers and partners (associate membership).

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada has two types of membership:

Producing members
Pellet producing companies in Canada, with rates based on your total production.

Associate members
Suppliers, consultants, service providers and others allied to the field, with fixed rates.

For more information of the pellet manufacturing industry in Canada and on the Weood Pellet Association of Canada, please visit their website:

Wood Source BC

Wood Source BC was created in 2011 to provide anyone who works with wood, and those that create wood products, an opportunity to network with each other. The rationale is that the more stakeholders talk with each other, the more opportunities they have to increase their sales and accomplish what they set out to do. Whether that is selling logs, buying lumber, building homes, or creating fine furniture, this website offers users the chance to make new business relationships closer to home, and in others parts of the world.

By linking fibre suppliers, manufacturers and investors with each other, Wood Source BC can help improve the flow of fibre from harvesters and other producers to the highest-value processors. The ultimate goal is to provide information to people so they are able to make the necessary connections to source the wood they require.

In 2012, the BC Community Forest Association and the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rrural Development merged the Fibre Connections BC website to become the website. This decision was made to ensure a long-term commitment to developing and sustaining an international wood marketplace for local and foreign buyers and sellers of BC wood products.

To learn more about how Wood Source BC works and to join the network visit their website at:

Wood Manufacturing Council

Canada has approximately 30 sector councils representing key industry sectors. Each council is responsible for bringing together all industry stakeholders to help solve human resource and skills development issues within its sector. Since 2002, the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) has collaborated with employers, workers, educators, professional associations and government to help implement human resource solutions that will ensure the success of the advanced wood manufacturing sector.

The Council’s mandate is to plan, develop and implement human resource strategies that support the long-term growth and competitiveness of Canada’s advanced wood products manufacturing industry and meet the developmental needs of its workforce. The Council identifies and examines the necessary skills and knowledge required to respond to changing industry needs. The Council also develops an overall strategic plan to address key issues such as the shortage of skilled workers and the need for national standards for worker competencies.

For more information on the WMC and the resources and reports available, please visit their website: