Shannon Creek Hydro Project

The Shannon Creek Water Power Project is located on Shannon Creek, east of the town of Avola, in the North Thompson Valley.

About This Project

The Shannon Creek Water Power Project is a renewable green-energy, small scale run-of-river hydroelectric power project, that includes a reservoir on Shannon Lake, an intake on Shannon Creek at a lower elevation than the lake, an intake on Carole Creek, a diversion from the Carole Creek intake to the Shannon Creek intake, a penstock from Shannon intake to a power house located near the bottom of the valley, and a transmission line that will connect to a BC Hydro Substation located in Avola.

Shannon Lake will be used for water storage by installing a dam that will be between 4 and 6 metres high. A typical intake will be located on Shannon Creek and a typical diversion intake will be located on Carole Creek. A small headpond will form above these intake sites. 3,500 metres of penstock will transport water down to a power house. A 25kV transmission line will be constructed from the power house to a BC Hydro substation located 1.2 kilometres away in Avola, B.C.

The preliminary design for the project indicates a 2.5 MW hydro plant capacity that be run at a projected 35+% capacity with this project. This will result in average annual energy output of 7.6+ GWh/y that be delivered to BC Hydro under an Energy Purchase Agreement.

Once the penstock is installed, the proponent intends to minimize the impact to the forest industry by ensuring that the disturbed areas are reforested. The proponent is working with Interfor - Adams Lake Division, who manages the Forest License tenure in this area, to coordinate road and harvest plans to benefit both parties.

Simpcw First Nation, headquartered in Chu Chua, B.C., is the primary First Nation that has claimed this area in their territory. Preliminary discussions have taken place with the Simpcw First Nation Sustainable Resource Management Department to ensure that they are knowledgeable of the project scope. An Archaeological overview has been completed with some Preliminary Field Reconnaissance completed on the project.

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