Diacarbon Biocoal Plant

Diacarbon Energy Inc. has moved into a former wood pellet plant in Merritt, B.C., and has plan to expand its operations and product line to include both white wood pellets and torrefied wood (biocoal).

About This Project

Specialized in research and development of cleantech renewable energy products, Diacarbon Energy Inc., a Burnaby-based bioenergy company, has focused its efforts on perfecting its biocoal product, and, since fall 2014, has produced this on a mass production scale.

The Diacarbon plant was previously owned by Highland Pellet Manufacturing Ltd. and thus came equipped with machinery allowing for the production of wood pellets. Diacarbon sees this as a great opportunity to expand its product line to offer a more established renewable energy product and started production of its wood pellets product in 2014.

Diacarbon has selected state of the art technology from Europe and the United States to be installed on its plant site and has taken great care to ensure its equipment is of high quality, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Diacarbon is using local contractors to complete the development and installation of equipment at its plant site and 18 new employees from the Merritt region to participate in the production of the pellet plant. This has created job opportunities within the City of Merritt as well as supported local businesses.

President and CEO of Diacarbon Energy Inc., Jerry Ericsson, has said "We're looking at about 15 [employees] during construction time, which would start now, essentially, and then around 25 to 30. We're still narrowing down what the exact number will be for operations."

Diacarbon is an eco-friendly company which believes in a vision of true sustainability, and one that includes both, a successful industrial operation accompanied with a strong commitment to our environment and the community. For further information about Diacarbon please click here.

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