Tranquille on the Lake Village & Urban Farm

Tranquille on the Lake is the region's newest lakeside village and urban farm designed to surround residents with the things that they value – a breathtaking location, a vital and dynamic community, sustainable thinking, active living, and a place where the best of the world is right at their doorstep.

About This Project

The Tranquille on the Lake property is a 190 hectare site located on the north
 shore of Kamloops Lake at the western edge of the City of Kamloops. The owners are proposing that the property be developed as a sustainable agri-community that combines an urban farm and working waterfront with a mixed use village community.

A concept land use plan and development phasing strategy was submitted to the City in March 2008. Consequently, an Official Community Plan amendment for the property was approved in January 2009. Since that time, marketplace dynamics affecting the 2007 master planned community vision have changed, necessitating revisions to the previous concept land use plan. Tranquille On the Lake has also completed numerous Agriculture Land Commission requirements embedded in the Official Community Plan.

The village at Tranquille on the Lake will be an urban paradise where the pace will be relaxed and the air will be clear. Each distinct neighbourhood will have a unique personality that will blossom in the fresh air and eco-friendly attitude. Modern sensibilities and standards will be paired with a deep and respectful sense of history. The result will be a peaceful and inspiring approach to urban living.

Farm to table living will be the norm at Tranquille on the Lake. The fully operational urban farm adjacent to the residential area will be a model for the latest in sustainable, green farming practices, setting a new standard in environmentally responsible agricultural stewardship. Residents will also enjoy access to community gardens where they will be able to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own produce.

Producing local food, creating sustainable energy, and offering a setting that will be both stylish and earth-friendly will offer residents a sense of pride and confidence in their choice of lifestyle. Healthy living will start at Tranquille on the Lake.

Currently, Tranquille on the Lake has fabulous inspirational space that is ready and waiting for investors to be a part of the action! The areas heritage barns are ready to help facilitate the fast-growing live/work community that Tranquille on the Lake is building.

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