Russell Creek Water System Upgrade Project

The District of Clearwater's community water system in supplied via two distinct sources; two groundwater wells and a surface water intake. Initially the majority of the community’s water was supplied via the Russell Creek water intake system. However due to growth and demand in the community as well as the limited capacity of the Russell/Hascheak and MacDougal system; Clearwater’s drinking water is provided on a 50/50 groundwater/surface water basis. As the Russell Creek surface water intake system is considered a premium water source for the community, it was necessary to upgrade the system to met current drinking water guidelines. This resulted in the installation of a new UV treatment process in order to address any potential water quality issues inherent with a surface water source.

About This Project


The original intake structure on Russell Creek was constructed in 1971; this included a small water retention structure (reservoir), a 250mm (10”) water intake line with screens and a weir and diversion system on Hascheak Creek. In 1973 a second diversion point was constructed on MacDougal Creek to divert water to Hascheak Creek to provide additional capacity as the community grew.


The surface water intake system consists of a 250 mm (10") diameter ductile iron water main that conveys untreated water to a chlorination station (reconstructed in 1994), where sodium hypochlorite is introduced into the flow. Treated water is then supplied to the Russell Creek booster station (constructed in 1997) where it is pumped via a single pump capable of 60 L/s (1,000 USGPM) at 16.8 metres total dynamic head. The booster station became an essential supply component of Clearwater's water supply system when the Archibald Road reservoir was constructed in 1999 as it provided the necessary flows and pressure in order to effectively fill the new storage reservoir.

Post- Upgrades

Now complete, the Russell Creek UV Disinfection Upgrade Project is able to provide the community of Clearwater with a surface water source with two tier treatment; UV disinfection and chlorination. The District of Clearwater received Towns for Tomorrow grant funding for this project; for a total provincial funding of $400,000.00. The project included the following upgrades:

  • Installation of two new Ultraviolet (UV) reactors; which were installed within existing chlorination station structure; -Two new pumps with variable frequency drives (VFD) to replace the existing single speed pump at the booster station;
  • Relocation and updating of the online monitoring instrumentation and processes, updated and additional chlorination equipment as well as new safety equipment;
  • Preparation of an operations and maintenance manual as well as operator training;
  • Preparation of a water conservation plan. The addition of UV disinfection on the Russell Creek system provides a significant improvement to the water quality provided via this surface water source.

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