From Door To Grocery Store: Getting seniors where they want to be in the community

Following the completion of a senior's needs assessment in 2012, the District of Clearwater is undertaking a study to further understand seniors' mobility issues within the community. The study, "From Front Door to Grocery Store" will work with seniors and others in the community to assess shopping and service areas, community facilities, walking routes, and transportation to determine what is working and what could be improved to help seniors more easily get around the community.

About This Project

Seniors are a growing segment of the population in the District of Clearwater. From 2001-2011, the greater Clearwater area experienced a 53% increase in the 65 years and older demographic.

The increase has led Clearwater to work towards becoming a more age-friendly community, which will allow seniors to remain in the area and help the community maintain its high quality of life.

The District of Clearwater and the UNBC Community Development Institute (CDI) will lead the project. The Clearwater Age-Friendly Committee and its member organizations, Wells Gray Seniors Society, Friendly Club, Wells Gray Country Services, Yellowhead Community Services and Interior Health Authority, will play an integral part in guiding and implementing the project.

From Front Door to Grocery Store is being funded through a grant from the Vancouver Foundation's Community Based Health Research Grant Program. This program supports community to improve and advance health and wellbeing.

The projects study design proposes a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. In-depth interviews will be conducted to identify the supports and barriers to mobility in both winter and summer. The group will be selected to include participation by people representing a diversity of ages, incomes, neighbourhoods, and mobility functioning.

The project will also involve an assessment of priority shopping and service areas, facilities, and services in order to determine the issues and barriers that may exist for seniors mobility. For this, CDI will use and adapt various assessment tools that been development.

Results will be shared locally through community forums and more broadly at provincial conferences and symposia.

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