Village of Chase Wharf Rebuild Project

The Village of Chase has constructed a new wharf to replace the existing, aging infrastructure. The wharf rebuild is a welcomed project in the community, as many tourists are drawn to the pristine Shuswap Lake during the summer season.

About This Project

The dismantling of the 60-year old, red wharf in the Village of Chase took place in early 2013. In March 2013, construction began to replace the existing infrastructure with a new, modern and safe wharf.

That same month, the Village of Chase was notified by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations that construction on the wharf rebuild project was being put on hold due to a permitting issue.

By April 2013, the Village of Chase was able to obtain the permit required to carry out construction on the wharf. Construction includes a new cap being installed on the boat ramp, a pole being installed in front of the wharf with the intention of keeping vehicles off, and the complete rebuilding of the wharf itself.

It wasn't until late July that the new, red wharf was unveiled.

The wharf rebuild project is a welcomed one in the community. Many residents recognize the beach's popularity during the summer months, with the Shuswap Lake being a significant tourist draw to the region.

The wharf symbolizes past, present and future for the Village of Chase. The pier that existed before the one that was recently replaced provided an economic hub for forestry, fishing and other economic activities in the early decades of the 1900s. The wharf that was built in the 1950’s carried on that usefulness, and when economies shifted, the wharf generated memories of those active times, and also served as a gathering point for First Nations and non-First Nations families with their children, to admire the beauty of the Little Shuswap Lake, and to contemplate and be thankful for the many amenities our area has to offer. The current wharf was built to resemble the wharves of the past to provide a continued connection for the many communities in our area, and for those visiting from elsewhere.

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