Seymour Arm Series Capacitor (SASC) Station Project

BC Hydro is constructing a 500 kV series capacitor station adjacent to the existing transmission lines 5L71 and 5L72, which run between the Mica Generating Station and the Nicola Substation near Merritt, B.C. The capacitor station will increase the transmission capacity of the lines and allow the Mica Generating Station to securely deliver its full station output with the new generating units 5 and 6 in place.

About This Project

To ensure the province of B.C. continues to have the electricity it needs and in support of the Clean Energy Act, BC Hydro is working to install two additional 500 MW generating units into existing turbine bays at Mica Generating Station. This capacity addition to our generating system is cost-effective, has a low environmental impact, and will improve system reliability and system operations.

To reliably deliver the additional electrical generation at Mica, a series capacitor station is required to increase the capacity of the lines. The station will be located near the midpoint of the existing Mica to Nicola 500 kV transmission lines, approximately 10 kilometres from Seymour Arm.

The capacitor station will require an approximately 3-4 hectare site underneath and adjacent to the existing 500 kV transmission lines located north of Seymour Arm.

BC Hydro continues to work with First Nations that have interests in the area, including the Adams Lake, Neskonlith and Little Shuswap First Nations to further identify means to avoid, mitigate, minimize and otherwise accommodate any concerns or issues relating to the project.

The SASC project began construction in spring 2012. Before this time, BC Hydro had completed the project definition and preliminary engineering components of the project, as well as some clearing and site preparation.

More Information Online

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