North Thompson Septage Management Project

In 2013, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) was awarded $1.4 million from the Government of Canada through the Gas Tax Fund to construct two septage management facilities in partnership with the district of Barriere and Clearwater. The project will serve over 7,300 residents located in the North Thompson Valley.

About This Project

Infrastructure Investments are an important driver of economic growth and job creation. These new septage facilities will help protect the environment and the health of North Thompson Valley residents.

Currently, over 90 percent of North Thompson Valley residents rely on individual septic systems. The development of these facilities will mean that the TNRD will no longer truck effluent to Kamloops for treatment, reducing CO2 by an estimated 75 tonnes annually and providing a significant savings in operational costs.

Until recently, septic was stored at landfills in Blue River, Clearwater and Barriere. With the TNRD closing these facilities in favour of eco-depots, the waste would instead be shipped to a landfill in Heffley Creek.

The two facilities will be used to treat sludge that has been pumped from septic tanks.

Clearwater’s septage management facility will be located near the present sewage lagoons. Canfor has agreed to provide land for a new road into the facility so trucks will not need to go by residences to get to it.

Both the Clearwater and Barriere facilities will be operated in partnership with TNRD. The facilities will help make the North Thompson Valley a better place for families to live, grow and work.

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