Barriere Wastewater System Project

Residents and businesses in the District of Barriere are set to benefit from a new community wastewater system that has been made possible through Canada's Gas Tax Fund.

About This Project

The new wastewater system will connect the oldest neighbourhoods in the downtown core, replacing individual private septic fields. In turn this will encourage redevelopment, revitalization and densification of the town core, supporting a key goal in the District of Barriere's new Official Community Plan (OCP). Additionally, the upgrades will create local jobs and benefit hundreds of homes that do not currently have municipal sewer service.

As well as addressing the need to replace older and, in some cases, near-failing systems, the sewage plant will incorporate a solar panelled greenhouse where living plants will assist in the water purification process. it will be able to receive septage from the local area, providing a small revenue stream towards its operation. The treated water will be used to irrigate the adjacent parks and baseball diamonds, helping to conserve Barriere's supply of potable water.

Canada's Gas Tax Fund provides stable, long-term infrastructure funding to local governments and other organizations through a tripartite agreement between the federal government, British Columbia and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM). The fund primarily supports capital projects that lead to cleaner air, cleaner water or reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

It is anticipated that the funding of $6.7 million will cover the entire costs of the project.

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