Ashcroft Terminal

The Ashcroft Terminal is a rail served facility on Canada's Asia Pacific Gateway Corridor located off of the TransCanada Highway in the Village of Ashcroft. Ashcroft Terminal provides railcar storage, handling/storage for bulk materials, and transloading services for multi-modal transportation.

About This Project

Ashcroft Terminal is an inland port that is part of the Southern Corridor on Canada’s Pacific Gateway. It is uniquely positioned as a significant and sustainable materials management terminal that provides both handling/storage for bulk materials, railcar storage and transloading services for multi-modal transportation.

The inland port is composed of 320 acres of industrially zoned land with 350 acres of buffer land in the heart of British Columbia. Ashcroft Terminal currently serves dozens of companies in the agricultural, forestry, mining, oil & gas, drilling and manufacturing industries.

The economical cost of land combined with the only two Canadian major rail carriers on site and the proximity of Trans Canada Route 1 makes Ashcroft Terminal an ideal and financially viable location. Nearby Kamloops enhances the location and expansion of the Ashcroft Terminal as a regional employment and economic growth area.

Ashcroft Terminal advantages:

  • Located 320 kilometres east by road and rail from Port Metro Vancouver
  • Direct access to TransCanada Highway for bulk and transload shipping
  • Ample suitable industrial zoned land at economical cost that all mainline Canadian National and Canadian Pacific trains cross
  • Current bi-directional mainline rail and spur access to the Canadian Pacific Railway with future access to the Canadian National Railway
  • Supports railroad goals of efficiently moving full trains for long hauls with few stops while getting traffic on and off the docks as fast as possible
  • Customized loading, unloading, storage and handling facilities are available
  • Located near a large number of mining and forestry industries
  • Utility connections on site
  • Located near the population center of Kamloops with access to a local skilled industrial workforce
  • Economical cost of living and attractive lifestyle
  • Support from the Ashcroft Indian Band, The Village of Ashcroft, First Nations, Venture Kamloops, Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD), and the Canadian Government.

On May 21, 2014, the Government of Canada announced the completion of Ashcroft Terminal's Expansion project, which will improve the flow of goods by rail, and give local industry a competitive edge in international trade.

The newly completed terminal expansion project added a 1,500-metre enhanced connection to the mainline with additional railcar storage, transload facilities and support tracks. These improvements will help the terminal to more efficiently handle manufacturing, industrial and mining materials, and agricultural products. They will also allow shipments to move more quickly through the rail corridor.

The project will also provide local producers and shippers with safer and better services, including greater road access to the terminal.

These improvements will help to forge stronger shipping ties between British Columbia's natural resource sector and the Asia-Pacific region, providing competitive options to shippers from the Ashcroft area. The terminal expansion has served as an important step in helping to diversify the region's economy in response to the mountain pine beetle infestation, which has put the forestry industry at risk and threatened the stability of the regional economy.

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