Invest in the Village of Lytton

British Columbia, Canada

The Village of Lytton's unique characteristics make it a place for innovation leading to new business opportunities. There is excellent infrastructure in place to ensure a solid investment for current and new business owners, families and residents.

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Mark Brennan   |  Chief Administrative Officer
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The Village of Lytton’s close proximity to large city centres such as Vancouver and Kamloops, B.C., in conjunction with its rural community lifestyle and a variety of recreational opportunities, make the community an ideal place to live, visit and work. Affordable real estate and a desirable town layout appeal to all who choose to invest in Lytton.

Lytton is located only 255 kilometres northeast of Vancouver, 165 kilometres southwest of Kamloops and 290 kilometres south of Williams Lake. Lytton's location is perfect for those seeking access to city amenities, but prefer to live in a more peaceful, personable and charming small-town setting.

The Canadian National Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway’s main lines run through Lytton, connecting Vancouver with the rest of the country. The Trans-Canada Highway also runs through the town to connect the lower mainland and coast with the interior and the northern British Columbia.

Generally winters bring little snow and mild temperatures. Summer temperatures can often reach highs of 40 degrees celsius and the area is often referred to as "Canada's Hot Spot". The warm climate and long growing season make the area ideal for soft fruit and vineyards.

The lifestyle in Lytton attracts a broad range of personalities and aspirations from seniors to young families, transient summer workers, small-scale farmers, artists, outdoor enthusiasts and railway buffs. The cultural fabric of the area is rich with First Nations traditions. Although the population of town is much smaller, the overall population of the area is approximately 2,000, when including neighbouring Lytton First Nation, Skuppah, Nicomen, Siska, and Kanaka Indian Bands.

In the summer, residents and visitors often participate in world-class fishing and whitewater rafting opportunities. Other outdoor pursuits include dirt-biking, jetboating, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, hiking, backpacking, geocaching, wildlife viewing, snowshoeing and hunting.

Lytton's economy is diverse ranging from opportunities and investments in tourism, cultural heritage, agriculture, energy, natural resources, transportation, and community services. Additionally, year-round employment is available at government offices, schools, the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways, the Kwoiek Creek Power Project, St. Bartholomew’s Health Centre, Lytton’s local RCMP detachment as well as jobs in the fields of hospitality, highway maintenance and social services.

Local Investment Opportunities

  • Air Strip Site
    58 acre property zoned comprehensive mixed use, multi family residential and comprehensive tourism. The property also has subdivision approval subject to the installation of services 
  • The Totem Motel
    A 15 unit motel in a heritage building with quaint detached cabins. Located next to the visitor centre within town with views of the river. 
  • Investment Opportunities in the Village of Lytton

Local Infrastructure Projects

The Village of Lytton is currently undertaking an upgrade to their municipal water system to a slow sand filtration system. The new slow sand filtration system will allow for increased efficiency and less waste.

The Village of Lytton is also in the process of planning a new firehall in order to increase the capabilities of the current volunteer fire department. Recently, the village has purchased a new fire truck to improve emergency response capabilities.

Community Economic Development Contact

Mark Brennan
Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Lytton

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Jessoa Lightfoot
Village of Lytton & Area

Community Contact

Mark Brennan
Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Lytton

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Lytton & District Chamber of Commerce
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